Lunch Bunch 7/11/06

The Lunch Bunch met on Tuesday, July 11 at 11:30 at the Golden Corral.  There were about 20 classmates present. Shirley Holdren Smith led us in a very spirit filled blessing and shared her information about her upcoming trip and plan for new treatments for her cancer.  We all signed cards to send wishes for recovery to Judy Gormley Matchett following surgery and to Donna Frame Swope for her knee surgery.  We will keep Jenilee Swope and Shirley Holdren Smith in our prayers for healing.  Some of us were still there talking until 3:30! 

The next meeting will be on August 8th at the Golden Coral.  We hope to see many of you there.

Cornelia Bridges Ferguson

The following is in Shirley's words:
        I will fly to Zion Illinois (about 5 blocks from Wisconsin) on July 17 for 6 to 8 weeks of cancer treatment; CAT guided radiation and microwave therapy.  I was told by all consultants to continue the Co-enzyme Q-10, Artemisin-Celebrex "cocktail" and diet (plus prayer) because that had kept me alive for four years!  The Cancer Center of America at Zion was the first to give any hope at all.  Local and Ohio State head of BC research both declared me stage 4, terminal - nothing medical science can do for you - go home to die!


I tried to get into CC of A since January but they did not reply.  However all doors opened this time.  His timing is perfect and I have every confidence in His word.  As long as there is work for me (and I can see lots) I'll be around.
                               Love to all, 
P.S.  I will be home in time for an Eastern Seaboard cruise including Nova Scotia beginning September 29.  Sis and Dave are also on board.  Such fun!