May 9, 2006 Lunch Bunch

This is a brief summary of the LUNCH BUNCH.  We met at 11:30 AM, Tuesday, May 9 at the Golden Corral on Maple Ave.  We had twenty-five classmates present.  Several of us (Sue Squire Richardson, Betty Sippy Haynes, Martha Kay Roberts Cannon, Shirley Holdren Smith and Carolyn Stiers Lanning) pulled into the parking area at the same time and chatted until we got into the reserved area for our lunch.

Shirley Holdren Smith made the announcements and led us in the blessing.  She always leads us with a beautiful prayer.
As you probably know, health has now become a factor for many in our class.  The following are several of our classmates with health issues:  Sondra Hickman Philip's husband, Robert, has been in ICU for thirty-three days.  He is doing much better, and they are hoping he will be out in 2-3 days.  He will then be moved to a Step-up unit for physical therapy, etc.  We are wishing him and Sony well.
Shelby Hina Snelling had back surgery today.  She had two of her discs fused.  She attends our LUNCH BUNCH regularly and we regret she could not be with us today.
Barbara Campbell Williams was present at today's Lunch Bunch.  She has an appointment with her surgeon on Monday to schedule back surgery.  We pray she does well.
Jenilee Swope Roberts is still struggling with Congestive Heart Failure.  She is using oxygen 24/7.  Sadly, she missed the lunch today also.
Carolyn Balog Waite is back out of the hospital.  She has a blocked artery and will need future medical care for this problem.  Dick Waite was in the hospital last week with gastrointestinal problems.  They were unable to be with us today.
Please keep these classmates in your thoughts and prayers.
We are always excited to hear about the trips and fun things that our classmates are doing.  Bob and Jane Peugh Caldwell, and Norm and Gloria Warner Poynter flew to Amsterdam.  They are continuing from there on a river cruise from the Netherlands to Belgium.  They should be arriving back from their trip sometime this next weekend. I can't wait to hear about their adventure.
Several of our classmates are taking an East Coast trip.  Shirley Holdren Smith, Dave and Dolores Lichtner Roberts, and Judy Gormley are among those taking this trip.
We certainly have other classmates taking neat trips that we are not aware of, so get in touch with Tom Hale or Martha Kay Roberts Cannon and let us know what interesting things you are doing.  Your adventures may help other classmates decide where or what they wish to do.
Please send any pictures or anything of interest for our WEB site to Tom Hale.  He would like to have some family pictures, pictures from the past, trip pictures, or anything you would like to see on the WEB site.
Most of us sat and visited until 2:30 PM telling stories from the past about some of our ornery guy classmates and some of the goofy things they did.  And also stories were related about what some of us girls were up to back in the fifties.  Kinsey Tanner and  Dave Roberts are always a hoot.  But if you want to hear these funny stories, you have to come to the LUNCH BUNCH.
We will be having our next LUNCH BUNCH on Tuesday, June 13 at the Golden Corral again since this restaurant can accommodate large groups. It also leaves a sweet taste in your mouth with all of those yummy desserts.  See you in June.
Martha K. Cannon