Lunch Bunch Oct. 10, 2006
Lunch Photos

Dinner Photos

Lunch Bunch met at 11:30 at the Golden Corral and had a very good attendance of about 30 people. Nancy Cohen Fawcett blessed the luncheon with a prayer. Shirley Holdren Smith was present, looking very young and refreshed after her recent cancer treatments and cruise of the Eastern Seaboard. Sis and Dave Roberts and Judy Gormley Matchett accompanied Shirley on the cruise. They didn't have good weather but enjoyed seeing the cities and coastal regions of the North East.

Shirley read an inspiring poem and later handed out forms requesting prayer needs of those having ailments or other issues.

We had 5 people attending from out of state: Carl and Becky Factor from New Jersey, Tom and Mary Ellen Hale, and the Hale's daughter Cynthia Nicholson from Michigan. Cynthia took lots of pictures, which have been posted.

We were all glad to see Gerald Roberts  and hope our company will help his recovery from his recent loss of Jenilee. MaryAnna Clapper Fenton was also in attendance and we all enjoy her presence as a friend and representative of Jack. We consider MaryAnna to be an adopted classmate, which gives her unique status as member of two classes, ours and her own class of 1956. It would be wonderful to have more non-classmate spouses attend. We almost enticed Ron Ketcham, who had been visiting in Ohio for a few weeks, but he got homesick for his new home in Arizona and returned before our Lunch Bunch date.

Carl Factor set up dinner for a few of us Tues. evening and it quickly grew into a wonderful group of about 18 classmates who had a great time at the Eagle Sticks restaurant. Pictures of the dinner group have also been posted.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those classmates having health problems. Shirley had very good results from her recent treatment session, with noticeable shrinkage of the tumor on her shoulder and reduction of discomfort. She will soon go back for assessment regarding further treatment. Martha Kay Roberts Cannon was unable to attend because she is caring for her brother, Ken, who is struggling with lung cancer. Donna Frame Swope is finishing up therapy for her knee surgery and preparing to have similar surgery on her other knee. Dave and Sis Roberts were absent due to a problem Sis is having that may be caused by internal bleeding. The "gold" in the golden years is certainly tarnished by our health problems.

As I sit writing this from my home in Michigan and looking out the window I see a snow blizzard with snow starting to stick on the ground. Winter will be soon upon us. No problem for those like me who enjoy winter activities. Time to head for Florida for those who don't.
Tom Hale