Grover Cleveland Jr. High Memories by Donna Frame Swope

I am writing as a former student of Grover Cleveland Jr. High School. I lived on Smithfield Ave, and walked down Eppley Ave. On to Pine St., and to the school. After school, the same route home. It seemed that everyone else walked to school also. The three grades at that time were 7th, 8th and 9th, and referred to as Jr. High.

I have some very fond memories of Grover Cleveland. Too many to name. Some I can share with you. The Friday Night Dances in the Gymnasium, where all the girls congregated on one side of the gym, and the boys on the other, hoping for that special boy to ask me to dance, and he never did. I remember my sewing teacher, Miss Faye Kennison. I learned so much from her, and think of her every time I sit at my sewing machine. I have used my talents, which she taught me, to make so many things over the years. Once in a while even one of those cute little aprons, which she first taught us to make. My granddaughters enjoy the many Barbie Clothes I have made for them, and I think of Miss Kennison every time I make an outfit for them. It has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years, making my own clothes, and those of my children and grandchildren. I will never forget her.

I remember two special teachers, that were dating and eventually married. I cannot remember their names. That was always fun watching their romance blossom.

I remember close friends, and how some of us would come to school dressed alike. I remember the popularity of so many, and wished I could be just like them. I remember wearing make-up the very first time I entered Grover Cleveland, and felt so grown up.

I remember on many of lunch hours, several of us, on a beautiful sunny day, would walk down Pershing Rd., to a well known cemetery, just to browse through, and laugh and talk, and kick the leaves. I remember the little restaurant on the opposite corner, where I was first introduced to french fries. After school, some of us would go over there, just to get those fries. I remember how great it was to see my name on the blackboard, on the Honor Roll. I remember when we got our very first black and white TV set, and I couldn't wait to get home from school, to watch some of the shows, which at that time were only 1/2 hr. long. Some only 15 min.

I remember being in awe of our school Principal, Mr. Bone. He was so tall and so very nice. He always had a smile on his face. I respected him very much.

I remember the sad times, when we lost a couple of classmates. I remember my good friend Gloria, wanting me to go to the gym to do some complicated performances in gymnastics. We were going to have a big show for the whole school. After almost ending up in the hospital, I decided I better leave all that to the gymnasts. It was fun getting out of class, to go to the practices.

I remember being a little fearful of leaving Grover Cleveland, and going to that very large High School over town. I will always have fond memories of Grover Cleveland, and the many people I will always remember. Many of us have gone on and married, had children and grandchildren.

I will soon come upon my 50th Class Reunion. Many of us are former students of Grover Cleveland Junior High School. How great it is to see many of them, and also the new friends we made in High School. I now enjoy the computer, and e-mail with so many classmates. It's great. I remember thinking while I was a student at Grover Cleveland, that I would never get old, be a grandmother, sitting in a rocking chair holding my children, going to their weddings, rocking my grandchildren, watching them perform their activities in, as it is called, The Middle School. I never thought I would be graduated from High School 50 yrs. I am so grateful I have so many wonderful memories of Grover Cleveland. I had wonderful teachers, great friends, fun times and sad times. It will be very sad for me, when I read in the Times Recorder that it will be torn down. I now live in Florida, have a wonderful husband, children and grandchildren, and many wonderful friends. We share a lot of stories of the past, and especially our school years. The past is gone, but never forgotten.

Donna J. Frame Swope








Donna Frame 1955