I have wanted to write to all of you via our class website, for a long time, but so far I have not achieved that goal. Now I am going to do it. I look at all of you on our website, the 55th class reunion and the Lunch bunch reports and photos.

 I was especially moved by Lindaís writing about Henry Lee and his family settling in Zanesville. Now I will tell you my story. My father, Paul Bjornson, was an immigrant from Iceland. He came to this country in the early 1900ís. He was 49 years old when I was born in Evanston, Illinois.  He worked for his Icelandic friends in the transformer manufacturing for all of the time we lived in Illinois.

 In the late 1940ís, the Chicago Standard Transformer Company moved to Zanesville to open a branch manufacturing site. Thus, my mother, father and I were the last of 18 families to be transferred to Zanesville in 1952. My Dad was the production manager for the 3rd floor winding dept. of the new plant. He had, I donít know how many Zanesville women working on his floor during the 1950ís. Letís ask, Donna Smith Iden, her mother worked on that floor.

 Some of the other ZHS students from these Chicago families who were transferred were Eric Gislason, Marcia Rutherford and Carol Hoppe.

 We did not have an automobile while we lived in Chicago. We used public transportation and cabs. Well, when we moved to 1365 Pine St in Zanesville, my father had to learn to drive and we bought a nice Ford sedan. It was great to have wheels. (Dad was 63 years old)

 We came to Zanesville in March, 1952, on the B & O railroad.  Our furniture was enroute so we stayed at the Clarendon Hotel until it arrived. The problem was that I came down with either scarlet fever or the measles or both. The folks at the Clarendon were extremely kind and helped us through this mess. Dr. Cruse was called and visited me in the hotel and also at our new house on Pine St. Thus, I was one month late in registering as a new 9th grader at Grover Cleveland Jr. Hi.

 Grover Cleveland was wonderful and my friends there welcomed me with warm hearts. It gave me a basis and core of friends before we became 10th graders at Lash. I sincerely thank all of you.

 Then, I had 3 wonderful years with everyone in our class of 1955. My memories of those years are still very vivid. I think that is because, I have attended as many class reunions as I could.

 Some of our dear classmates are no longer with us. But, our class website and reunions have kept them close to us.

 Dear classmates, you are very special people. I am thankful every day for being able to live and go to school with all of you. My life path has taken me away from Zanesville but I still hold you in my heart.

 As you all know I have not had the greatest year health wise.  But, so far so good. I am still here.  My oldest granddaughter will be married in Elmhurst, IL, on June 4th. I am planning on being there.  


Have a great summer and plan the next reunion very soon.

 Carolyn Bjornson Steirer, ZHS Class of 1955